About me

Me, myself and I (Aug 2016)

I am currently based in Glasgow, Scotland, where I was born. When not looking at a computer (work) my spare time is split between: looking at my phone (!), travelling, rock climbing, cycling, running and sleeping. Not really finding too much time for photography these days, hence the lack of updates. I have approximately 100 rolls of film to process, and am reluctant to add to that backlog before I deal with it.

Some of my other projects avalible from my main home page.


I have been interested in photography since I was about 8, and seriously so since early 1997. Since then I have learned from experience, trial-and-many-errors, and helpful advice from countless other people.

The book I learned the most from on the subject of photographic technique and practices is "Basic Techniques of Photography" by John P. Schaefer (ISBN 0821225758).

Black and white

Black and white is my favourite. The shapes in a black and white photograph emphasise the textures and contours in the subject, without colour to distract from form.

I feel that in some ways this makes black and white a harder medium to use — there is one less thing for a bad photograph to hide behind. In other ways it is easier, as there is one less aspect of a photograph to worry about.


I do all my own darkroom work, as it allows me to control every aspect of creating a print from start to finish. By doing this I can make sure that what is produced is as close to the photograph I had in mind to begin with. The down side to this way of working is that prints may take a little longer to be done, so I can't produce large quantities of work quickly, however the enjoyment I get from it makes up for that.