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Places (39 images)


Pictures of places. Places move around less than people or animals, but are still for some reason (for me at least) as difficult as either of the aforementioned subjects.

Animals (18 images)


Both easier and harder to photograph than people. They aren’t aware of having their picture taken, you’re just holding a black box that they’re not allowed to chew. Some animals I know seem to have learned to ‘smile’ and pose casually when this mysterious device comes out of its fascinating green canvas bag. I guess they found out through experience that a photographer with a sense of achievement is more likely to play with, or feed them. This applies to seagulls, dogs, cats, cows, and even sheep (some people too, but there’s a whole separate section for them…).

People (81 images)


Pictures of people; annoyingly difficult things to photograph. They have a habit of blinking/smiling/moving/leaving/noticing at the wrong time. What you will see here are the minority of my photographs of people where this didn’t happen, or where it luckily created a pleasing effect when it did.