Regular polygons stencil

The stencil, in all its polygon-filled gloryOK, so an OmniGraffle stencil hardly counts as 'software', but hey, I've got nowhere else to put it. Regular polygons, all set and ready to go, from 3 to 15 sides.

These were created with a slight variation on my Star script. If for some reason you need one with more than 15 sides e-mail me and I'll send you the script. Let me tell you now though, they tend to look like circles...

If it's shapes of a particular area you're looking for (triangles, squares and circles) then John Oram has a very nice little script for doing your bidding.


  1. Download OmniGraffle stencil icon (5 KB).
  2. Expand file by double clicking on it. Your browser may do this automagically. If you're just using it once, and don't want it to show up in the Stencil menu you can now just double-click on the expanded .gstencil file, otherwise...
  3. Move the stencil file to ~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils/.
  4. If OmniGraffle is running you'll need to quit and re-open it for the stencil to show up in the menu.


  1. Drag shapes from the stencil to an open document.
  2. Once they're there, if you want to scale them you can either use the Geometry inspector to type in numbers, or group the shapes with other ones to let you scale them the normal way; by dragging the control handles.

Known 'features'