Script installation instructions for OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle version 4 changed the location for installed scripts, and how they are activated from within OmniGraffle. Here's some instructions on how to install them now.


  1. Download the appropriate file Applescript icon.
  2. Expand .zip file by double clicking on it. Your browser may do this automagically.
  3. Move the script file to ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniGraffle/ or ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniGraffle Pro/, depending on which flavour you're using. This can easily be found by choosing Script > Open Scripts Folder > Open OmniGraffle [Pro] Scripts Folder from inside OmniGraffle. (If the Script menu is not visible you may need to enable it. See below.)
  4. If OmniGraffle is running you may need to quit and re-open it for the script to show up in the menu. In theory you shouldn't have to. Also you can rename the script file, which changes the name that shows up in the menu. Useful if you have lots of similar scripts, or just don't like the existing name.

Enabling the Script menu (10.6, Snow Leopard)

  1. Open Applescript Editor. (This lives in /Applications/Utilities/.)
  2. Choose Applescript Editor > Preferences.
  3. Click on the General tab
  4. Tick the box next to Show script menu in menu bar.

Enabling the Script menu (10.4, Tiger; 10.5, Leopard)

  1. Open Applescript Utility. (This lives in /Applications/Applescript/.)
  2. Check the Show Script Menu in menu bar box and the one below it. The Script menu should now be visible on the right of the menu bar.
  3. Scripts you add to the Script folder (see above for instructions) are now available through this menu.

Moving from previous versions of OmniGraffle (pre-version 4.x)

  1. Find the folder ~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle [Pro]/Scripts.
  2. Move this folder to ~/Library/Scripts/
  3. Rename the folder OmniGraffle or OmniGraffle Pro, depending on which version you use.
  4. The folder containing all your scripts should now be ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniGraffle/ or ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniGraffle Pro/.