Sum numbers script for OmniGraffle

A short, colourful example of what the script producesA simple script which adds up the numbers in objects and makes a new object with the total, for the OmniGraffle drawing package.

Latest version: More sensible about finding numbers in a shape's text. (2006-02-27)


  1. Download Applescript icon (8 KB).
  2. Install the script.
  3. Some exciting numbers to play withIn OmniGraffle open a new document and make a few shapes with some numbers in them.
  4. Select Script > Sum Numbers.
  5. (Optional: Note any large error messages that appear, then e-mail me to get it fixed. Skip the last step.)
  6. The Magical Result!Done!

Tips and other uses

If you run the script once, then change some numbers, and you've not deleted the shape that the first run created, then the total in the shape is simply updated. (I'm frightfully proud of this.)

If some shapes are selected then only those shapes are considered in the total.

Only the last number found in a shape will be used for the addition. All of the following texts would be considered to have the value of 25:

...that's about all there is. This script doesn't really lend itself to exciting pictures.

Known 'features'

Things to maybe get around to some nice day


Version history

1.1 (2006-02-27)
Improved parsing of text. A shape with the text "24, some number: 25", would be counted as 25.
1.0 (2006-02-23)
Initial release. Apparently works with OmniGraffle version 4.1.1. Should also work fine with corresponding Pro version of OmniGraffle.